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Reaper by Zak Bagans

“Reaper” represents an awakening from the darkness of the Reaper and an awareness of the afterlife. Those who bear the Reaper brand are allured to the mysterious world of the paranormal and otherworldly dimensions. We find the dead more interesting than the living and we welcome the conjuring of spirits...we have heard, felt and seen them. We don’t care about how this world views us.

Darkness Reborn...We are Reaper.

Zak Bagans’ new lifestyle collection, REAPER, is still in the works and will be released soon.




"I Am Haunted"

Zak's second book is now available for purchase.

"NecroFusion" by Zak Bagans & Praga Khan

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"Dark World"

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  - #18 on the New York Times Best Seller List!

  - "Tv’s gothic surperhero"......."Well written, a touch of humor and lots of supernatural insight….Dark World is a Zak’s work of passion."

  - "While the book is not Bagans’ attempt to frighten the reader, one of the joys of Dark World is the occasional chill the reader experiences as a result of his encounters" " can hook you"

  - "The book is written in a very conversational style and is hard to put down." -CFN Entertainment News

  - "5 STARS" and Barnes & Noble

  - #1 on's "Movers and Shakers list"

  - Hit Top 100 BestSellers List on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Ghost Adventures documentary

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 Ghost Adventures, Season 1

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 Ghost Adventures, Season 2

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Ghost Adventures, Season 3

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Ghost Adventures, Season 4

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Ghost Adventures, Season 5

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Paranormal Challenge, Season 1

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