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"I Am Haunted"

Zak's second book is now available for purchase.

"NecroFusion" by Zak Bagans & Praga Khan

Click one of the following links to purchase "NecroFusion" by Zak Bagans:

"Dark World"

Click one of the following links to purchase "Dark World":


  - #18 on the New York Times Best Seller List!

  - "Tv’s gothic surperhero"......."Well written, a touch of humor and lots of supernatural insight….Dark World is a Zak’s work of passion."

  - "While the book is not Bagans’ attempt to frighten the reader, one of the joys of Dark World is the occasional chill the reader experiences as a result of his encounters" " can hook you"

  - "The book is written in a very conversational style and is hard to put down." -CFN Entertainment News

  - "5 STARS" and Barnes & Noble

  - #1 on's "Movers and Shakers list"

  - Hit Top 100 BestSellers List on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

 Ghost Adventures Seasons

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Ghost Adventures documentary

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Paranormal Challenge, Season 1

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